Basic Features
  • Highly Customizable - Build your personalized data structure to fit your own need.
  • Customize Input Layout - Easily arrange and customize the input layout and the input order of each table.
  • Shortcut Homepage - Make the shortcut of the table and plugin items on the home page for fast access.
  • Dashboard Widget - Use dashboard widget to show the plugin result on the home page.
  • Field Format - Customize the display format and the input mask of each field.
  • Field Group - Assign the fields to the same group for convenient layout arrangement.
  • Advance Input Control - Choose different input control with options to make your own input style.
  • Lookup - You can enable the "Lookup" feature of each field. It allows you to select the other table's data in an easy way.
  • Field Expression - Use an expression in a field. This expression supports SQL function and operator. Example: [Price] * [Qty].
  • Advance Default Value - Setup an auto increment pattern for the default value of the field.
  • Master-Detail Table - Build a detail table easily. You don't have to learn the complex concept of Master-Detail relationship. Just one click to build it and use it.
  • Filtering, Grouping and Sorting - Filter, group and sort the data in the very flexible grid view.
  • Complex Criteria - Build the complex criteria to filter the data. It supports AND, OR operator to get the best result.
  • Tag Support - Each record is tag support. You can search data in the Tag Cloud.
  • Format Condition - Change the appearance of the grid by format condition.
Advanced Features (Standard Edition Only)
  • Data Export - Export data to Excel file or CSV format file
  • Data Import - Import data from the Excel, Access, MSSql Server, CSV file and the Book.
  • Data Mining - Use the pivot grid and chart to analyse the data.
  • Report - Design report for each table.
  • Schedule - Design schedule for each table.
  • Mail - Design mail for each table.
  • Chart - Design chart for each table.
  • Password Protection - Support for password protected Book.
  • User Login - Create user login in a Book with functional restrictions.
  • Lifetime License - You pay for the program only the first time and get all new versions of the same edition program for FREE and for lifetime.
  • More is coming...
es-Builder helps you to build database easier. It's free!


es-Builder allows you to keep all of your information in an easy-to-use layout, where you can quickly find what you need. With es-Builder, creating your own freeform database from scratch and getting organized couldn't be easier...

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